2 Chronicles 25:6

Overview - 2 Chronicles 25
Amaziah begins to reign well.
He executes justice on the traitors.
Having hired an army of Israelites against the Edomites, at the word of a prophet dismisses them.
11 He overthrows the Edomites.
13 The Israelites, discontented with their dismission, spoil as they return home.
14 Amaziah, proud of his victory, serves the gods of Edom, and despises the admonitions of the prophet.
17 He provokes Joash to his overthrow.
25 His reign.
27 He is slain by conspiracy.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Chronicles 25:6  (King James Version)
He hired also an hundred thousand mighty men of valour out of Israel for an hundred talents of silver.

an hundred talents of silver
Estimating the shekel at 2s
6d., and the talent, being 2 Chronicles 25:3 2 Chronicles 25:000 ; shekels, (see Exodus 38:25 ,26,) at 375., one hundred talents would amount to 37,500.; which, divided among Exodus 38:100 Exodus 38:000 ; men, quotes only 7s
6d.; hence we may suppose, that this was only an earnest of their pay, or that they expected to be enriched by the plunder of the Edomites.