2 Kings 10:8

Overview - 2 Kings 10
Jehu, by his letters, causes seventy of Ahab's children to be beheaded.
He excuses the fact by the prophecy of Elijah.
12 At the shearing house he slays two and forty of Ahaziah's brethren.
15 He takes Jehonadab into his company.
18 By subtilty he destroys all the worshippers of Baal.
29 Jehu follows Jeroboam's sins.
32 Hazael oppresses Israel.
34 Jehoahaz succeeds Jehu.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

2 Kings 10:8  (King James Version)
And there came a messenger, and told him, saying, They have brought the heads of the king's sons. And he said, Lay ye them in two heaps at the entering in of the gate until the morning.

there came
2 Samuel 11:18-21 ; 1 Kings 21:14 ; Mark 6:28

Lay ye them
Such barbarities are by no means uncommon in the East. "It has been know to occur," says Mr. Morier, "after the combat was over, that prisoners have been put to death in cold blood, in order that the heads, which are immediately despatched to the king, and deposited in heaps at the place gates, might make a more considerable show."

until the morning
Deuteronomy 21:23