Acts 9:25

Overview - Acts 9
Saul, going towards Damascus, is stricken down to the earth, and led blind to Damascus;
10 is called to the apostleship;
18 and is baptized by Ananias.
20 He preaches Christ boldly.
23 The Jews lay wait to kill him;
29 so do the Grecians, but he escapes both.
31 The church having rest, Peter heals Aeneas of the palsy;
36 and restores Tabitha to life.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Acts 9:25  (King James Version)
Then the disciples took him by night, and let him down by the wall in a basket.

the disciples
Maundrell states that after visiting the place of vision, "about half a mile distant from the city eastward," they
returned to the city, and "were shown the gate where St. Paul was let down in a basket. This gate is at present walled up, by reason of its vicinity to the east gate, which renders it of little use."* let.
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