Amos 7:14

Overview - Amos 7
The judgments of the grasshoppers,
and of the fire are diverted by the prayer of Amos.
By the wall of a plumbline is signified the rejection of Israel.
10 Amaziah complains of Amos.
14 Amos shews his calling;
16 and Amaziah's judgment.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Amos 7:14  (King James Version)
Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet's son; but I was an herdman, and a gatherer of sycomore fruit:

1 Kings 20:35 ; 2 Kings 2:3 2 Kings 2:5 2 Kings 2:7 ; 4:38 6:1 2 Chronicles 16:7 ; 19:2 20:34

an herdman
1:1 Zechariah 13:5 ; 1 Corinthians 1:27

a gatherer
Rather, as {bolais} is rendered by the LXX. and Vulgate, [knizon,] {vellicans,} "a scraping," or a scraper of
sycamores; for the fruit does not ripen till it is rubbed with iron combs.* sycamore fruit
or, wild figs.