Deuteronomy 4:46

Overview - Deuteronomy 4
An exhortation to obedience.
41 Moses appoints the three cities of refuge on that side of Jordan.
44 Recapitulation.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Deuteronomy 4:46  (King James Version)
On this side Jordan, in the valley over against Bethpeor, in the land of Sihon king of the Amorites, who dwelt at Heshbon, whom Moses and the children of Israel smote, after they were come forth out of Egypt:

On this side
47 ; 1:5 3:29 Numbers 32:19


Beth-peor was a city which was situated, according to Eusebius, opposite Jericho, and six miles above Livias. As the name signifies "the house of Peor," it is probable that there was a temple to Peor, situated in this place, full in view of the people, while Moses was pressing upon them the worship of Jehovah alone; and perhaps the very temple where so many had sinned to their own destruction.

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