Exodus 22:13

Overview - Exodus 22
Of theft.
Of damage.
Of trespasses.
14 Of borrowing.
16 Of fornication.
18 Of witchcraft.
19 Of bestiality.
20 Of idolatry.
21 Of strangers, widows, and fatherless.
25 Of usury.
26 Of pledges.
28 Of reverence to magistrates.
29 Of the first fruits.
31 Of torn flesh.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Exodus 22:13  (King James Version)
If it be torn in pieces, then let him bring it for witness, and he shall not make good that which was torn.

torn in pieces
Ezekiel 4:14 ; Amos 3:12 ; Micah 5:8 ; Nahum 2:12

let him bring it for witness
Or, rather, "Let him bring" {aid hatteraiphah,} an evidence of the thing torn, such as the horns, hoofs, etc.