Exodus 22:6

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14 Of borrowing.
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25 Of usury.
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28 Of reverence to magistrates.
29 Of the first fruits.
31 Of torn flesh.
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Exodus 22:6  (King James Version)
If fire break out, and catch in thorns, so that the stacks of corn, or the standing corn, or the field, be consumed therewith; he that kindled the fire shall surely make restitution.

If fire break out
Mr. Harmer observes, that it is a common custom in the East to set the dry herbage on fire; which fires, from want of care, often produce great damage. Hence a law to guard against such evils was highly expedient.

so that the stacks of corn
Judges 15:4 Judges 15:5 ; 2 Samuel 14:30 2 Samuel 14:31

he that kindled the fire
Exodus 22:9 Exodus 22:12 ; Exodus 21:33 Exodus 21:34