Genesis 26:12

Overview - Genesis 26
Isaac, because of famine, sojourns in Gerar, and the Lord instructs and blesses him.
He is reproved by Abimelech for denying his wife.
12 He grows rich, and the Philistines envy his prosperity.
18 He digs Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth.
23 God appears to him at Beer-sheba, and blesses him; and Abimelech makes a covenant with him.
34 Esau's wives.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Genesis 26:12  (King James Version)
Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

The author of the "History of the Piratical States of Barbary" observes, (p. 44,) that the Moors of that country are divided into tribes like the Arabians, and like them dwell in tents, formed into itinerant villages; that "these wanderers farm lands of the inhabitants of the towns, sow and cultivate them, paying their rent with the produce, such as fruits, corn, wax, etc. They are very skilful in choosing the most advantageous soils for every season, and very careful to avoid the Turkish troops, the violence of the one little suiting the simplicity of the other." It is natural to suppose, that Isaac possessed the like sagacity, when he sowed in the land of Gerar, and received that year an hundred-fold.

Hebrew found. an hundredfold.
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