Genesis 45:2

Overview - Genesis 45
Joseph makes himself known to his brethren.
He comforts them in God's providence.
He sends for his father.
16 Pharaoh confirms it.
21 Joseph furnishes then for their journey, and exhorts them to concord.
25 Jacob is revived with the news.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Genesis 45:2  (King James Version)
And he wept aloud: and the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh heard.

wept aloud
Hebrew gave forth his voice in weeping.
"This," says Sir J. Chardin, "is exactly the genius of the people of Asia; their sentiments of joy or grief are properly transports, and their transports are ungoverned, excessive, and truly outrageous. When anyone returns from a long journey or dies, his family burst into cries that may be heard twenty doors off; and this is renewed at different times, and continues many days, according to the vigour of the passion. Sometimes they cease all at once, and then begin as suddenly, with a greater shrillness and loudness than one could easily imagine."
Numbers 14:1 ; Ruth 1:9 ; 2 Kings 20:3 ; Acts 20:37