Isaiah 43:12

Overview - Isaiah 43
The Lord comforts the church with his promises.
He appeals to the people for witness of his omnipotency.
14 He foretells them the destruction of Babylon,
18 and his wonderful deliverance of his people.
22 He reproves the people as inexcusable.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Isaiah 43:12  (King James Version)
I have declared, and have saved, and I have shewed, when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God.

Isaiah 37:7 Isaiah 37:35 Isaiah 37:36 46:10 48:4-7

no strange
Deuteronomy 32:12 ; Psalms 81:9 Psalms 81:10

my witnesses
10 ; 37:20 44:8 46:9