Jeremiah 32:37

Overview - Jeremiah 32
Jeremiah, being imprisoned by Zedekiah for his prophecy,
buys Hanameel's field.
13 Baruch must preserve the evidences, as tokens of the people's return.
16 Jeremiah in his prayer complains to God.
26 God confirms the captivity for their sins;
36 and promises a gracious return.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 32:37  (King James Version)
Behold, I will gather them out of all countries, whither I have driven them in mine anger, and in my fury, and in great wrath; and I will bring them again unto this place, and I will cause them to dwell safely:

I will gather
"This promise," says Jerome, "taken in its full extent was not made good to those that returned from captivity; because they were frequently infested with wars, as well by the kings of Syria and Egypt as by the rest of their neighbours; and they were finally subdued and destroyed by the Romans." God's word cannot fail; therefore there remaineth yet a rest for the ancient people of God.
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I will cause
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