Jeremiah 41:9

Overview - Jeremiah 41
Ishmael, treacherously killing Gedaliah and others, purposes with the residue to flee unto the Ammonites.
11 Johanan recovers the captives, and is minded to flee into Egypt.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 41:9  (King James Version)
Now the pit wherein Ishmael had cast all the dead bodies of the men, whom he had slain because of Gedaliah, was it which Asa the king had made for fear of Baasha king of Israel: and Ishmael the son of Nethaniah filled it with them that were slain.

the pit
This was probably a large reservoir for receiving rain water, which Asa had caused to be made in the midst of the city, in case of a siege.

because of Gedaliah
or, near Gedaliah. Hebrew by the hand,
or the side of Gedaliah
was it.
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Hebrews 11:38

for fear
1 Kings 15:17-22 ; 2 Chronicles 16:1-10