Jeremiah 48:45

Overview - Jeremiah 48
The judgment of Moab,
for their pride;
11 for their security;
14 for their carnal confidence;
26 and for their contempt of God and his people.
47 The restoration of Moab.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 48:45  (King James Version)
They that fled stood under the shadow of Heshbon because of the force: but a fire shall come forth out of Heshbon, and a flame from the midst of Sihon, and shall devour the corner of Moab, and the crown of the head of the tumultuous ones.

a fire
Numbers 21:28 ; Amos 2:2

Numbers 24:17 ; Zechariah 10:4 ; Matthew 21:42

tumultuous ones
Hebrew children of noise.