Jeremiah 7:22

Overview - Jeremiah 7
Jeremiah is sent to call to true repentance, to prevent the Jews' captivity.
He rejects their vain confidence,
12 by the example of Shiloh.
17 He threatens them for their idolatry.
21 He rejects the sacrifices of the disobedient.
29 He exhorts to mourn for their abominations in Tophet;
32 and the judgments for the same.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Jeremiah 7:22  (King James Version)
For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices:

1 Samuel 15:22 ; Psalms 40:6 ; 50:8-17 Psalms 51:16 Psalms 51:17 Hosea 6:6 ; Matthew 9:13 ; Mark 12:33

burnt offerings
Hebrew the matter of burnt offerings.