Job 19:23

Overview - Job 19
Job, complaining of his friends' cruelty, shews there is misery enough in him to feed their cruelty.
21 He craves pity.
23 He believes the resurrection.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Job 19:23  (King James Version)
Oh that my words were now written! oh that they were printed in a book!

Hebrew Who will give, etc. my words.
31:35 Isaiah 8:1 ; 30:8

oh that they were
Rather, "Oh that they were described {yuchakoo} in a book, with an iron stile and lead! Were graven on a rock for ever!" Pliny observes, "At first men wrote on palm leaves, and afterwards on the bark or rind of other trees. In process of time, public monuments were written on rolls of lead ({plumbeis voluminibus}); and those of a private nature on
linen books, or tables covered with wax."