Joshua 12:1

Overview - Joshua 12
The two kings whose countries Moses took and disposed of.
The one and thirty kings on the other side of Jordan which Joshua smote.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 12:1  (King James Version)
Now these are the kings of the land, which the children of Israel smote, and possessed their land on the other side Jordan toward the rising of the sun, from the river Arnon unto mount Hermon, and all the plain on the east:

on the other
1:15 22:4

from the
Numbers 21:13 Numbers 21:24 ; Deuteronomy 2:24 ; Judges 11:18 ; Isaiah 16:2

unto the mount
Joshua 11:3 Joshua 11:17 Deuteronomy 3:8 Deuteronomy 3:9 ; 4:48 Psalms 133:3