Joshua 15:36

Overview - Joshua 15
The borders of the lot Judah.
13 Caleb's portion and conquest.
16 Othniel, for his valour, hath Achsah, Caleb's daughter, to wife.
18 She obtains a blessing of her father.
21 The cities of Judah.
63 The Jebusites unconquered.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Joshua 15:36  (King James Version)
And Sharaim, and Adithaim, and Gederah, and Gederothaim; fourteen cities with their villages:

1 Samuel 17:52

Eusebius mentions two cities, called Adatha, one towards Gaza, and the other east of Lydda.

and Gede-rothaim
or, or. fourteen cities.
There are fifteen in all; but the two last seem to be only two names of the same city.