Leviticus 4:7

Overview - Leviticus 4
The sin offering of ignorance;
for the priest;
13 for the congregation;
22 for the ruler;
27 for any of the people;
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Leviticus 4:7  (King James Version)
And the priest shall put some of the blood upon the horns of the altar of sweet incense before the LORD, which is in the tabernacle of the congregation; and shall pour all the blood of the bullock at the bottom of the altar of the burnt offering, which is at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

the horns
8:15 9:9 16:18 Exodus 30:1-10 ; Psalms 118:27 ; Hebrews 9:21-15

all the blood
Leviticus 4:18 Leviticus 4:34 ; 5:9 8:15 Ephesians 2:13