Numbers 20:1

Overview - Numbers 20
The children of Israel come to Zin, where Miriam dies.
They murmur for want of water.
Moses smiting the rock, brings forth water at Meribah.
14 Moses at Kadesh desires passage through Edom, which is denied him.
22 At mount Hor Aaron resigns his place to Eleazar, and dies.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Numbers 20:1  (King James Version)
Then came the children of Israel, even the whole congregation, into the desert of Zin in the first month: and the people abode in Kadesh; and Miriam died there, and was buried there.

Ex. Is. 40. Then.
This was the first month of the fortieth year after the departure from Egypt
(Compare ch. 33:38 with ver. 28 ; of this chap
and Deuteronomy 1:3 .) This year was the last of their journeyings, for from the going out of the spies (ch. 13) unto this time, was about thirty-eight years.
Deuteronomy 1:22 Deuteronomy 1:23 ; 2:14

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This Kadesh in the wilderness of Zin, is different from Kadesh-barnea, lying in, or adjoining to the wilderness of Paran, about eight leagues south of Hebron
(See ch. 34:3 4. Joshua 15:1 ,3.) Kadesh is called Rekam, by the Targumists, Rekem, in the Syriac, and Rakim, in Arabic. Rekem, says Rabbi Nissin, (in Gittin, ch
1.) is on the east, meaning of the land of Israel.
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