Numbers 8:9

Overview - Numbers 8
How the lamps are to be lighted.
The consecration of the Levites.
23 The age and time of their service.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Numbers 8:9  (King James Version)
And thou shalt bring the Levites before the tabernacle of the congregation: and thou shalt gather the whole assembly of the children of Israel together:

thou shalt bring
Exodus 29:4-37 ; 40:12

shalt gather the whole
The words, {kol dath,} which are rendered "the whole assembly," often signify all the elders, or principal persons in the several tribes
(ch. 15:4 ; 25:7 ; 35:12 .) And they cannot well have any other sense here; for it would be impossible for all the children of Israel to put their hands on the Levites, as stated in the next verse.
Leviticus 8:3