Philippians 4:23

Overview - Philippians 4
From particular admonitions,
he proceeds to general exhortations,
10 shewing how he rejoiced at their liberality towards him lying in prison, not so much for the supply of his own wants as for the grace of God in them.
19 And so he concludes with prayer and salutations.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Philippians 4:23  (King James Version)
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Romans 16:20 Romans 16:24 ; 2 Corinthians 13:14
The Church at Philippi in Macedonia was planted by the ApostlePaul about A
D. 53, ; ( Acts 16:9-40 ;)and it appears he visited them
again, A
D. 60, though no particulars are recorded concerning
that visit, (Ac 20:6.) The Philippians were greatly attached toSt. Paul, and testified their affection by sending him supplies,even when labouring for other churches, (ch. 4:15, 16; 2 Co11:9;) and when they heard that he was under confinement atRome, they sent Epaphroditus, one of their pastors, to him witha present, lest he should want necessaries during hisimprisonment, (ch
2:25 ; 4:10 14-18.) The more immediate
occasion of the Epistle was the return of Epaphroditus, by whomthe apostle sent it as a grateful acknowledgment of theirkindness; which occurred towards the close of his firstimprisonment, about the end of A
D. 62, or the commencement of