2 Samuel 3:38

38 Then the king said to his soldiers, "You must know that a great leader has fallen in Israel today.

2 Samuel 3:38 Meaning and Commentary

2 Samuel 3:38

And the king said unto his servants
His courtiers, giving a reason why he mourned as he did; or "had said" F23, and so is a reason why the people concluded, and were fully satisfied, he had no hand in his death; but the first is best, because what follows was said not to the people at the grave, but to his servants at court:

know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in
a "prince", being of the royal family, his father was Saul's uncle, and he his own cousin; a "great" man, being general of the army, a very valiant and skilful commander, a man of great wisdom and parts. David says nothing of his grace and virtue, only of his grandeur, his high birth and civil excellencies; he praises him in what he was commendable, and proceeds no further; and this was sufficient to show there was just cause of mourning on civil accounts; and this they might easily know and perceive, that the fall or death of such a man, which had that day happened in Israel, was a public loss, and matter of lamentation; and the rather as he was employing all his excellent talents in civil affairs, and all his interest in the people of Israel, to unite them to Judah, and bring them under the government of David.


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2 Samuel 3:38 In-Context

36 All the people took note of this, and it pleased them. In fact, everything the king did pleased them.
37 On that day all the troops and all Israel were convinced that the king had no part in the killing of Abner son of Ner.
38 Then the king said to his soldiers, "You must know that a great leader has fallen in Israel today.
39 As for me, even though I am the anointed king, I have little power today. These men, the sons of Zeruiah, are too fierce for me. May the Lord repay the evildoer according to his evil!"