Exodus 8:4

4 The frogs will come up on you, your people, and all your officials."

Exodus 8:4 Meaning and Commentary

Exodus 8:4

And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people,
and upon thy servants.
] No doubt by the interposition of divine power and providence, and it may be by the ministry of angels; so that let them use what care, caution, and diligence they would, there was no keeping them out; but they came upon all the people of the land, high and low, rich and poor, and upon the king's ministers, courtiers, and nobles, and the king himself not excepted; though by this particular enumeration of him, his people, and servants, the children of Israel may be thought to be exempted from this plague, as R. Japhez observes; though Aben Ezra dislikes his remark, but it seems to be just.

Exodus 8:4 In-Context

2 But if you refuse to let them go, then I will plague all your territory with frogs.
3 The Nile will swarm with frogs; they will come up and go into your palace, into your bedroom and on your bed, into the houses of your officials and your people, and into your ovens and kneading bowls.
4 The frogs will come up on you, your people, and all your officials."
5 The Lord then said to Moses, "Tell Aaron: Stretch out your hand with your staff over the rivers, canals, and ponds, and cause the frogs to come up onto the land of Egypt."
6 When Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt, the frogs came up and covered the land of Egypt.
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