Job 28:25

25 When God fixed the weight of the wind and limited the water by measure,[a]

Job 28:25 Meaning and Commentary

Job 28:25

To make the weight for the wind
He indeed makes the wind itself, holds it in his fists, and brings it forth out of his treasures, and lets it go, or restrains it, at his pleasure; he gives it an inclination to this or that or the other point of the heavens, and a force to blow with, greater or lesser, as he pleases, either for the good and benefit of men, or for the punishment of them; he raises the stormy wind, which fulfils his word and his will; and he makes it subside and become a calm when he thinks fit; he can make it heavier or lighter, add to or take from its weight, so that it becomes more or less pressing on bodies it meets with; he can make a rough wind, and stay that in the day of his east wind; he can make the rain in some sense a weight to it; he can wet its wings with it, and bear it down and cause it to rest and be still; and he that knows from whence it comes, and whither it goes, though we do not, being wholly under his direction, must know the way and place of wisdom:

and he weigheth the waters by measure;
or, "in a measure" F11; in the hollow of his hand, where he poises them; see ( Isaiah 40:12 ) ; some, because there is a seeming impropriety in weighing by, or with a measure, render it "out of a measure" F12 Mr. Broughton translates the words, "and held the waters in a measure"; in his hand, as before, or in the sea; weight and measure being both applied to the waters, may denote the perfect and exact knowledge God has of them, and of his great and diligent concern in Providence about them, he ordering and disposing of them according to his will; and which is greatly the sense of the word used for weighing; and so the Targum paraphrases it,

``the waters he prepares (orders or disposes of) by measure.''

These waters, as they seem to be distinguished from rain in ( Job 28:26 ) , may design the waters of the sea and rivers; with these the earth at first was covered, which being ordered off of it, and a place provided for them, they were gathered into it, and measured and bounded in it by shores and sand, that they might not overflow the earth; which is a wonderful instance of the providence of God, in weighing and measuring the waters; of which also there was a singular instance at the general deluge, when the windows of heaven were opened, and the fountains of the great deep broke up, which overflowed the whole earth, and the highest mountains in it; and after a time went off at the command of God, and the earth was dry as before: the tides, the ebbing and flowing of the sea, and the flux and reflux of rivers, from and to the same place, are surprising things, and wholly owing to the power and providence of God; the causes and reasons of which are unknown to us, but are well known to him, who weighs and measures the waters, which flow in a regular course; and who therefore must know the way and place of wisdom and understanding.


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Job 28:25 In-Context

23 But God understands the way to wisdom, and He knows its location.
24 For He looks to the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens.
25 When God fixed the weight of the wind and limited the water by measure,
26 when He established a limit for the rain and a path for the lightning,
27 He considered wisdom and evaluated it; He established it and examined it.

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