Job 6:28

28 But now, please look at me; would I lie to your face?[a]

Job 6:28 Meaning and Commentary

Job 6:28

Now therefore be content
Or, "may it now please you" {f}; Job addresses them in a respectful manner, and entreats them they would be so kind as to look favourably on him, and entertain better thoughts of him; and give a fresh and friendly hearing of his case, when he doubted not he should be acquitted by them of the charge of iniquity, and that his cause would appear to be a righteous one:

look upon me:
upon my countenance; and see if you can find any traces of fear and falsehood, of dishonesty and hypocrisy, of shame and blushing; and observe if there is not all the appearance of an honest mind, of a good conscience within, that has nothing to fear from the strictest examination; or look upon my body, covered all over with boils and ulcers, and see if there is not occasion for those expressions of grief, and those heavy complaints that I have made; or rather, look upon me with an eye of pity and compassion, with affection, favour, and benevolence, and not bear so hard upon me:

for [it is] evident unto you if I lie;
or, it is "before your faces" {g}; should I attempt to deceive you by telling you a parcel of lies, you would soon discern the falsehood in my countenance; you would easily find it out in my words, which would issue in my shame and confusion; I could not expect to go undetected by men of such sagacity and penetration; but I am not afraid of the most diligent scrutiny that can be made into my words and actions.


F6 (wlyawh htew) "sed nunc placeat vebis", Schmidt.
F7 (Mkynp le) "coram facie vestra", Bolducius, Schultens; Ben Melech interprets it, "by your life if I lie", as being an oath.

Job 6:28 In-Context

26 Do you think that you can disprove [my] words or that a despairing man's words are [mere] wind?
27 No doubt you would cast [lots] for a fatherless child and negotiate a price to [sell] your friend.
28 But now, please look at me; would I lie to your face?
29 Reconsider; don't be unjust. Reconsider; my righteousness is still the issue.
30 Am I lying, or can I not recognize lies?

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