Psalms 76:1

God, the Powerful Judge


For the choir director: with stringed instruments. A psalm of Asaph. A song.

1 God is known in Judah; His name is great[a] in Israel.

Psalms 76:1 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 76:1

In Judah is God known
God is to be known, and is made known, by his works of creation, and by his providences, and particularly by his judgments in the whole world, even among the Gentiles; and he was made known by his word and ordinances, his statutes and his judgments, among the Jews, to whom these were specially given; and he is made known by his Spirit, and in his Son in a spiritual and saving manner to such who are Jews inwardly, or the true circumcision: moreover this may be understood of Christ, God manifest in the flesh, and regard his appearance in human nature in the land of Judea; he was, according to prophecy, of the tribe of Judah as man, and was born in Bethlehem, a city in that tribe, where David was, and of the family of David, that formerly lived there: and he was made known by John the Baptist, who came preaching in the wilderness of Judea, and by his being baptized of him in Jordan; by his own ministry and miracles in that land, and by the preaching of his apostles in the several cities of it, he was known in person to many; and by the fame of his doctrine and miracles to more, though seemingly but to few:

his name is great in Israel;
he himself is great, for his name is himself, being the great God, and possessed of all divine perfections; his offices and titles are great, he is a great Saviour, a great High Priest, a great Prophet risen up in Israel, a great King, add the great Shepherd of the sheep; his works which make him known are great, his works of creation and providence, in which he is jointly concerned with his Father; the mighty works he did on earth, and especially the great work of our redemption; and his Gospel, which is called his name, ( Acts 9:15 ) , brings glad tidings of great and good things; by means of which, and the wonderful things he did in the land of Israel, his fame was spread about in it, for he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel; here his marvellous works were done, and his Gospel first preached, which afterwards went into all the earth.

Psalms 76:1 In-Context

1 God is known in Judah; His name is great in Israel.
2 His tent is in Salem, His dwelling place in Zion.
3 There He shatters the bow's flaming arrows, the shield, the sword, and the weapons of war. Selah
4 You are resplendent and majestic [coming down] from the mountains of prey.
5 The brave-hearted have been plundered; they have slipped into their [final] sleep. None of the warriors was able to lift a hand.

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