Psalms 84:4

4 How happy are those who reside in Your house, who praise You continually. Selah

Psalms 84:4 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 84:4

Blessed are they that dwell in thy house
The house of God, in his tabernacles and courts; referring to the priests and Levites, who were frequently officiating there, in their turns, night and day; and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Gibeon, where the ark and tabernacle were, who had frequent opportunities of attendance on divine worship: and happy are those who have a name and place in the church of God, who abide there, and never go out; see ( Psalms 65:4 ) , the Targum is,

``blessed are the righteous''

and the Arabic version, "blessed are all they that dwell, &c", they are happy on account of their settlement, and also on account of their work, as follows:

they will be still praising thee;
which is delightful employment; for praise is pleasant and comely; and in which they are continually and constantly engaged, as their mercies return upon them, as they do every day; and especially on Lord's days, or at the stated times of public worship; such will bless and praise the Lord, both for temporal and spiritual blessings, as long as they live; see ( Hebrews 13:15 ) .

Selah. (See Gill on Psalms 3:2).

Psalms 84:4 In-Context

2 I long and yearn for the courts of the Lord; my heart and flesh cry out for the living God.
3 Even a sparrow finds a home, and a swallow, a nest for herself where she places her young- near Your altars, Lord of Hosts, my King and my God.
4 How happy are those who reside in Your house, who praise You continually. Selah
5 Happy are the people whose strength is in You, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
6 As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a source of springwater; even the autumn rain will cover it with blessings.
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