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Deuteronomy 22:1

Various Laws

1 If you see your fellow Israelite’s ox or sheep straying, do not ignore it but be sure to take it back to its owner.

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Thou shalt not see thy brother's ox or his sheep go astray, and hide thyself from them: thou shalt in any case bring them again unto thy brother.
"You shall not see your brother's ox or his sheep going astray and ignore them. You shall take them back to your brother.
“If you see your neighbor’s ox or sheep or goat wandering away, don’t ignore your responsibility. Take it back to its owner.

What does Deuteronomy 22:1 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Deuteronomy 22:1

Thou shall not see thy brother's ox or his sheep go astray,
&c.] Or "driven away" F18; frightened and starved away from the herd or from the flock by a wolf or dog; and the ox and sheep are put for every other creature a man has, as camels, asses which last sort is after mentioned; and a brother means not one in the natural relation of kindred only, for it is supposed, in the next verse, that he might not only be at a distance, but unknown; nor by religion only, or one of the commonwealth or church of the Jews, for what is enjoined is a piece of humanity the law of nature requires and directs unto, and is even to be done to enemies, ( Exodus 23:4 ) and hide thyself from them; make as if he did not see them, and so be entirely negligent of them, and takes no care and show no concern about them, but let them go on wandering from the herd and flock from whence they were driven, and to which they cannot find the way of themselves:

thou shalt in any case bring them again to thy brother:
to his herd or flock, or to his house, and deliver them into his own hands, or to the care of his servants.


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