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Fat. [N] [E]

The Hebrews distinguished between the suet or pure fat of an animal and the fat which was intermixed with the lean. ( Nehemiah 8:10 ) Certain restrictions were imposed upon them in reference to the former; some parts of the suet, viz., about the stomach, the entrails, the kidneys, and the tail of a sheep, which grows to an excessive size in many eastern countries, and produces a large quantity of rich fat, were forbidden to be eaten in the case of animals offered to Jehovah in sacrifice. ( Leviticus 3:3 Leviticus 3:9 Leviticus 3:17 ; Leviticus 7:3 Leviticus 7:23 ) The ground of the prohibition was that the fat was the richest part of the animal, and therefore belonged to him. ( Leviticus 3:16 ) The burning of the fat of sacrifices was particularly specified in each kind of offering.

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