Hadarezer [N] [E] [H]

(Hadads help ), son of Rehob, ( 2 Samuel 8:3 ) the king of the Aramite state of Zobah, who was pursued by David and defeated with great loss. ( 1 Chronicles 18:3 1 Chronicles 18:4 ) (B.C. 1035.) After the first repulse of the Ammonites and their Syrian allies by Joab, Hadarezer sent his army to the assistance of his kindred the people of Maachah, Rehob and Ishtob. ( 1 Chronicles 19:16 ; 2 Samuel 10:15 ) comp. 2Sam 10:8 Under the command of Shophach or Shobach, the captain of the host, they crossed the Euphrates, joined the other Syrians, and encamped at a place called Helam. David himself came from Jerusalem to take the command of the Israelite army. As on the former occasion, the route was complete.

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