Jair [N] [E] [H]

(enlightener ).

  1. A man who on his fathers side was descended from Judah, and on his mothers from Manasseh. (B.C. 1451.) During, the conquest he took the whole of the tract of Argob ( 3:14 ) and in addition possessed himself of some nomad villages in Gilead, which he called after his own name Havoth-Jair. ( Numbers 32:41 ; 1 Chronicles 2:23 )
  2. JAIR THE GILEADITE, who judged Israel for two-and-twenty years. ( Judges 10:3-5 ) (B.C. 1160.) He had thirty sons, and possessed thirty cities in the land of Gilead, which like those of their namesakes were called Havoth-jair.
  3. A Benjamite, son of Kish and father of Mordecai. ( Esther 2:5 ) (B.C. before 598.)
  4. The father of Elhanan, one of the heroes of Davids army. ( 1 Chronicles 20:6 )

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