Signifying the front view of the bust in humans and the corresponding portion of the body in animals. chazeh, occurs in Exodus 29:26,27; Leviticus 7:30,31,34; 8:29; 10:14,15; Numbers 6:20; 18:18; and chadhi, in Daniel 2:32. shadh or shodh = "breast" in the sense of pap of a woman or animal (Job 24:9; Song of Solomon 8:1,8,10; Isaiah 60:16; Lamentations 4:3). Only one word occurs with this signification in the New Testament: stethos = "bosom," "chest" (Luke 18:13; 23:48; John 13:25; 21:20).



"The breasts of virginity," pressed and bruised (Ezekiel 23:3,8 the King James Version), indicative of Ezekiel's belief that Israel practiced idolatry in Egypt (compare Ezekiel 20:8). "To tear (pluck off) thy breasts" (Ezekiel 23:34) denotes the anguish of the people in parting with their beloved sin (compare Hosea 2:2). "Its breast of silver" (Daniel 2:32) is possibly expressive of the humanity and wealth of the Medo-Persian empire.

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