Cover; Covering


kuv'-er, kuv'-er-ing:

The translation of several Hebrew words. The covering of the ark (mikhceh, Genesis 8:13) was possibly the lid of a hatchway (compare Mitchell, World before Abraham, 215).

To the sons of Kohath was assigned the task of caring for the furniture of the Tabernacle whenever the camp was moved, a suitable covering (kacah) of sealskin being designated for each of the specially sacred objects, the temple curtains also being used (Numbers 4:8,9,11,12).

Numbers 19:15 (tsamidh) may refer to anything used as a lid or covering; Job 24:7; 31:19 (kecuth) refer to clothing or bed-covering.


"Abaddon hath no covering"; (kecuth) from God (Job 26:6); "He will destroy .... the face of the covering (ha-loT) that covereth all peoples" (Isaiah 25:7). The removal of the veil, often worn as a token of mourning (compare 2 Samuel 19:4), signified the destruction of death.

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