mi'-ka (mikha'):

A variant of the name Micah, and probably like it a contracted form of MICAIAH (which see). In the King James Version it is sometimes spelled "Micha."

(1) A son of Merib-baal or Mephibosheth (2 Samuel 9:12, the King James Version "Micha"). In 1 Chronicles 8:34, he is called "Micah."

(2) The son of Zichri (1 Chronicles 9:15). In Nehemiah 11:17 (the King James Version "Micha"), he is designated "the son of Zabdi," and in Nehemiah 12:35, his name appears as "Micaiah (the King James Version "Michaiah"), the son of Zaccur."

(3) One of the signatories of the Covenant (Nehemiah 10:11, the King James Version "Micha").

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