A term seemingly not used in the Bible for a dish as it is so commonly used at present, but always for a tablet or sheet of metal.

(1) tsits (Exodus 28:36; 39:30; Leviticus 8:9), a plate of gold on the front of the mitre of the high priest. The name seems to have been given because of the radiance of the object.

(2) pach (Exodus 39:3; Numbers 16:38), of plates or sheets of metal produced by hammering.

(3) luach, used for tablets or tables of stone (Exodus 24:12, etc.), but in 1 Kings 7:36 for the metal plates on the bases of the lavers in the temple. The word ceren, is rendered "plate" in 1 Kings 7:30 the King James Version, manifestly incorrectly, the Revised Version (British and American) "axle."

Walter R. Betteridge

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