The noun for dabhar, "word," in 1 Kings 10:3 parallel 2 Chronicles 9:2, with "hard question" for chidhah, "dark saying," "riddle," in 1 Kings 10:1 parallel 2 Chronicles 9:1. In the New Testament for zetema, the synonym zetesis (and 1 Timothy 1:4, ekzetesis), being rendered "questionings" by the Revised Version (British and American) (the King James Version does not distinguish). In Mark 11:29 for logos, "word" (so the Revised Version margin). The verb in the sense "ask a question" in 2 Chronicles 31:9 for darash, and Luke 2:46; 23:9 for eperotao (compare the American Standard Revised Version, the English Revised Version margin John 16:23). Elsewhere the verb is for suzeteo, "dispute" (Mark 1:27, etc.; compare Acts 6:9; 9:29). "Called in question," Acts 19:40 the King James Version, represents egkaleo, "call into court," but in Acts 23:6; 24:21, "I am called in question" is for krinomai, "I am being judged."

Burton Scott Easton

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