2 Chronicles 20:11

11 behold, they reward us 1by coming to drive us out of your possession, which you have given us to inherit.

2 Chronicles 20:11 Meaning and Commentary

2 Chronicles 20:11

Behold, I say, how they reward us
Evil for good: to come to cast us out of thy possession, which thou hast given us to
the land of Canaan was their inheritance, an inheritance given them by God, their covenant God and Father, who had a right to dispose of it; and yet so given, that it was still his possession, he was the Lord and Proprietor, they but tenants under him; all which, as they were so many aggravations of the guilt of their enemies, so they were so many arguments with the Lord to protect them.

2 Chronicles 20:11 In-Context

9 'If disaster comes upon us, the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before you--for your name is in this house--and cry out to you in our affliction, and you will hear and save.'
10 And now behold, the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir, whom you would not let Israel invade when they came from the land of Egypt, and whom they avoided and did not destroy--
11 behold, they reward us by coming to drive us out of your possession, which you have given us to inherit.
12 O our God, will you not execute judgment on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you."
13 Meanwhile all Judah stood before the LORD, with their little ones, their wives, and their children.

Cross References 1

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