Jeremiah 46:6

6 "The swift cannot flee away, nor the warrior escape; 1in the north by the river Euphrates 2they have stumbled and fallen.

Jeremiah 46:6 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 46:6

Let not the swift flee away, nor the mighty men escape
Those that were swift of foot, like Asahel, or carried but light armour, let not such trust to their swiftness or light carriage; nor let the mighty man think to escape by reason of his great strength, to make his way through the enemy, and get out of his hands. Or this may be rendered as future, "the swift shall not flee away" F20 so the Targum; neither the one nor the other shall escape by the nimbleness of their heels, or the stoutness of their hearts: they shall stumble and fall toward the north, by the river Euphrates;
which lay north of Judea, where the prophet was, to whom this word came; and also was to the north of Egypt, whose destruction is here threatened: the place where this route and slaughter would be made was Carchemish, which was situated by that river; on the north side of which city, according to Abarbinel, the battle was; and which sense is mentioned by Kimchi, which the other follows.


F20 (owny la) "non fugiet", Pagninus, Montanus; "non effugiet", Munster, Tigurine version.

Jeremiah 46:6 In-Context

4 Harness the horses; mount, O horsemen! Take your stations with your helmets, polish your spears, put on your armor!
5 Why have I seen it? They are dismayed and have turned backward. Their warriors are beaten down and have fled in haste; they look not back-- terror on every side! declares the LORD.
6 "The swift cannot flee away, nor the warrior escape; in the north by the river Euphrates they have stumbled and fallen.
7 "Who is this, rising like the Nile, like rivers whose waters surge?
8 Egypt rises like the Nile, like rivers whose waters surge. He said, 'I will rise, I will cover the earth, I will destroy cities and their inhabitants.'

Cross References 2

  • 1. [See ver. 2 above]
  • 2. [Daniel 11:19]
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