Jeremiah 47:4

4 because of the day that is coming to destroy all 1the Philistines, to cut off from 2Tyre and Sidon every helper that remains. For the LORD is destroying the Philistines, 3the remnant of the coastland of 4Caphtor.

Jeremiah 47:4 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 47:4

Because of the day that cometh to spoil all the Philistines,
&c.] The time appointed by the Lord for their destruction, which should be universal: [and] to cut off from Tyrus and Zidon every helper that remaineth;
these were cities in Phoenicia, which bordered on the country of the Philistines, who were their auxiliaries in time of distress; but now, being wasted themselves, could give them no help when Nebuchadnezzar attacked them; as he did Tyre particularly, which he besieged thirteen years, and at last destroyed it, and Zidon with it: for the Lord will spoil the Philistines, the remnant of the country of
these last are not put by way of apposition, as if they were the same with the Philistines, though they were near of kin to them, coming from Casluhim; who were the posterity of Mizraim, as well as Caphtorim, ( Genesis 10:13 Genesis 10:14 ) ; indeed the Philistines are said to be brought from Caphtor, ( Amos 9:7 ) ; being very probably taken captive by them, but rescued from them; and now in confederacy with them, and like to share the same fate as they. The Targum renders it,

``the remnant of the island of the Cappadocians;''
and so the Vulgate Latin version. Some think the Colchi, others that the Cretians, are meant. R. Saadiah by Caphtor understands Damiata, a city in Egypt; which is the same with Pelusium or Sin, the strength of Egypt, ( Ezekiel 30:15 ) ; and it is usual with the Jews F23 to call this place Caphutkia, the same with Caphtor, they say; and, in Arabic, Damiata.

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Jeremiah 47:4 In-Context

2 "Thus says the LORD: Behold, waters are rising out of the north, and shall become an overflowing torrent; they shall overflow the land and all that fills it, the city and those who dwell in it. Men shall cry out, and every inhabitant of the land shall wail.
3 At the noise of the stamping of the hoofs of his stallions, at the rushing of his chariots, at the rumbling of their wheels, the fathers look not back to their children, so feeble are their hands,
4 because of the day that is coming to destroy all the Philistines, to cut off from Tyre and Sidon every helper that remains. For the LORD is destroying the Philistines, the remnant of the coastland of Caphtor.
5 Baldness has come upon Gaza; Ashkelon has perished. O remnant of their valley, how long will you gash yourselves?
6 Ah, sword of the LORD! How long till you are quiet? Put yourself into your scabbard; rest and be still!

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