Matthew 26:25

25 Judas, who would betray him, answered, "Is it I, 1Rabbi?" He said to him, 2"You have said so."

Matthew 26:25 Meaning and Commentary

Matthew 26:25

Then Judas, which betrayed him
Or that was about to betray him, as the Ethiopic version reads it: he had taken a step towards it, was seeking an opportunity to do it, and at length effected it: the Persic version reads, Judas Iscariot; who after all the rest had put the question,

answered and said, Master, is it I?
Who though he knew what he had been doing, and what he further resolved to do, and was conscious to himself he was the man; nay, though he had been pointed out as the person, and the most dreadful woe denounced on him, that should be the betrayer, in his hearing; yet all this did not at all affect his marble heart; but in the most audacious manner, and without any concern of mind, or show of guilt, asks if he was the person; suggesting, that surely he could, not mean him. It is observed by some, that the word Rabbi, used by Judas, is a more honourable name than that of Lord, used by the disciples; thereby reigning to give Christ more honour, and exceed in his respect to him, than the rest of the disciples; in order, if he could, to cover his wicked designs:

he said unto him, thou hast said:
that is, it is as thou hast said; thou hast said right, thou art the man; a way of speaking used, when what is asked is assented to as truth: thus it being

``said to a certain person, is Rabbi dead? He replied to them, (Nwtyrma Nwta) , "ye have said"; and they rent their clothes F9.''

Taking it for granted, by that answer, that so it was.


F9 T. Hieros Kilaim, fol. 32. 2.

Matthew 26:25 In-Context

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25 Judas, who would betray him, answered, "Is it I, Rabbi?" He said to him, "You have said so."
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