Numbers 5:1

Unclean People

1 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying,

Numbers 5:1 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 5:1

And the Lord spake unto Moses
Jarchi says, what follows was said on the day the tabernacle was erected, but it seems rather to have been delivered after the several camps were formed, and the people numbered, when those that were unclean were ordered to be cast out of them:

as follows.

Numbers 5:1 In-Context

1 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying,
2 "Command the people of Israel that they put out of the camp everyone who is leprous or has a discharge and everyone who is unclean through contact with the dead.
3 You shall put out both male and female, putting them outside the camp, that they may not defile their camp, in the midst of which I dwell."
4 And the people of Israel did so, and put them outside the camp; as the LORD said to Moses, so the people of Israel did.
5 And the LORD spoke to Moses, saying,
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