Compare Translations for Exodus 23:3

3 But, on the other hand, do not be turned from what is right in order to give support to a poor man's cause.
3 But don't privilege unimportant people in their lawsuits either.
3 On the other hand, don't favor a person's lawsuit simply because he is poor.
3 Und den Armen sollst du in seinem Rechtsstreit nicht beg√ľnstigen. -
3 You will not be partial to a powerless [person] in his legal dispute.
3 And just because someone is poor, don't show favoritism in a dispute.
3 If a poor person is in court, you must not take his side just because he is poor.
3 And do not slant your testimony in favor of a person just because that person is poor.
3 Ook zult gij den geringe niet voortrekken en zijn twistige zaak.
3 Also thou shalt not have mercy of a poor man in a cause, or doom. (And thou shalt not favour a poor person in his case, or in its judgement.)

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