Genesis 21:24

24 Abraham said, “I swear it.”

Genesis 21:24 in Other Translations

24 And Abraham said, I will swear.
24 And Abraham said, "I will swear."
24 Abraham replied, “Yes, I swear to it!”
24 Abraham said, "I swear it."
24 And Abraham said, "I swear [it]."

Genesis 21:24 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 21:24

And Abraham said, I will swear.
] Sensible of the many favours he had received from Abimelech in times past, and was still indulged with, he very readily agreed to his proposal; and the rather, as he knew by the vision between the pieces, that it would be four hundred years before his posterity should be put into the possession of the land of Canaan; and therefore could take an oath that neither he, nor his son, nor his grandson, should be injured or dispossessed.

Genesis 21:24 In-Context

22 At that time Abimelek and Phicol the commander of his forces said to Abraham, “God is with you in everything you do.
23 Now swear to me here before God that you will not deal falsely with me or my children or my descendants. Show to me and the country where you now reside as a foreigner the same kindness I have shown to you.”
24 Abraham said, “I swear it.”
25 Then Abraham complained to Abimelek about a well of water that Abimelek’s servants had seized.
26 But Abimelek said, “I don’t know who has done this. You did not tell me, and I heard about it only today.”
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