Genesis 36:4

4 Adah bore Eliphaz to Esau, Basemath bore Reuel,

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And Adah bare to Esau Eliphaz; and Bashemath bare Reuel;
And Adah bore to Esau, Eliphaz; Basemath bore Reuel;
Adah gave birth to a son named Eliphaz for Esau. Basemath gave birth to a son named Reuel.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Genesis 36:4

And Adah bare to Esau Eliphaz
This son of Esau, according to Jerom F14, is the same with him mentioned in the book of Job, as one of his friends that came to visit him, ( Job 2:11 ) ; and so says the Targum of Jonathan on ( Genesis 36:10 ) ; but he rather was the grandson of this man, since he is called the Temanite: and Bashemath bare Reuel;
the name is the same with Reuel or Raguel, the name of Jethro; but cannot be the same person as is said by some, for he was a Midianite and not an Edomite, ( Exodus 2:18 ) ( Numbers 10:29 ) .


F14 Trad. Heb. in Gen. fol. 71. L. tom. 3.
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