Jeremiah 31:26

26 At this, I woke up and looked around. My sleep had been pleasant.

Jeremiah 31:26 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 31:26

Upon this I awakened, and beheld
When or after he beheld or had seen the vision and prophecy concerning the incarnation of Christ, and the glory and happiness of his church and people in the latter day, he awoke; for it seems the prophecy contained in this and the preceding chapter was delivered to Jeremiah in a dream; who, when he had seen the vision, and upon the last words being spoken to him, awoke out of it: and my sleep was sweet unto me;
as it must needs be, to have so many gracious promises, and glorious prophecies, delivered to him in it. Some understand the words, that when he awoke out of sleep, he saw and considered with pleasure what had been made known to him; and then fell into a sweet sleep again, which was not usual with him. To which the Targum inclines,

``the prophet said, because of this good news of the days of consolation (that is, the days of the Messiah) that should come, I was raised up, and saw; again I slept, and my sleep was profitable to me.''
So Kimchi. Some interpret the words of Christ, and of his sleep in the grave.

Jeremiah 31:26 In-Context

24 Judah and all its cities will live there together. Farmers and shepherds will also live there.
25 I will give those who are weary all they need. I will refresh everyone who is filled with sorrow."
26 At this, I woke up and looked around. My sleep had been pleasant.
27 "The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when I will plant the nations of Israel and Judah with people and animals.
28 Once I watched over them to uproot them, to tear them down, and to wreck, ruin, and hurt them. Now I will watch over them to build them up and to plant them," declares the LORD.
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