Job 31

1 "I have made an agreement with my eyes. Then how can I look with lust at a virgin?
2 What would God above do [to me]? What would be my inheritance from the Almighty on high?
3 Aren't there catastrophes for wicked people and disasters for those who do wrong?
4 Doesn't he see my ways and count all my steps?
5 "If I have walked with lies or my feet have run after deception,
6 [then] let God weigh me on honest scales, and he will know I have integrity.
7 "If my steps have left the [proper] path, or my heart has followed [the desire of] my eyes, or my hands are stained [with sin],
8 [then] let someone else eat what I have planted, and let my crops be uprooted.
9 "If I have been seduced by a woman or I have secretly waited near my neighbor's door,
10 [then] let my wife grind for another [man], and let other [men] kneel over her.
11 That would be a scandal, and that would be a criminal offense.
12 It would be a fire that burns even in Abaddon. It would uproot my entire harvest.
13 "If I have abused the rights of my servants, male or female, when they have disagreed with me,
14 then what could I do if God rises up? If he examines me, how could I answer him?
15 Didn't he who made me in my mother's belly make them? Didn't the same God form us in the womb?
16 "If I have refused the requests of the poor or made a widow's eyes stop [looking for help],
17 or have eaten my food alone without letting the orphan eat any of it....
18 (From my youth the orphan grew up with me as though I were his father, and from my birth I treated the widow kindly.)
19 If I have seen anyone die because he had no clothes or a poor person going naked....
20 (If his body didn't bless me, or the wool from my sheep didn't keep him warm....)
21 If I have shaken my fist at an orphan because I knew that others would back me up in court,
22 [then] let my shoulder fall out of its socket, and let my arm be broken at the elbow.
23 "A disaster from God terrifies me. In the presence of his majesty I can do nothing.
24 "If I put my confidence in gold or said to fine gold, 'I trust you'....
25 If I enjoyed being very rich because my hand had found great [wealth]....
26 If I saw the light shine or the moon move along in its splendor
27 so that my heart was secretly tempted, and I threw them a kiss with my hand,
28 then that, too, would be a criminal offense, and I would have denied God above.
29 "If I enjoyed the ruin of my enemy or celebrated when harm came to him
30 (even though I didn't speak sinfully by calling down a curse on his life)....
31 "If the people who were in my tent had said, 'We wish we had never filled [our stomachs] with his food'....
32 (The visitor never spent the night outside, because I opened my door to the traveler.)
33 "If I have covered my disobedience like Adam and kept my sin to myself,
34 because I dreaded the large, noisy crowd and because the contempt of the [local] mobs terrified me so that I kept quiet and didn't go outside....
35 "If only I had someone who would listen to me! Look, here is my signature! Let the Almighty answer me. Let the prosecutor write [his complaint] on a scroll.
36 I would certainly carry it on my shoulder and place it on my head like a crown.
37 I would tell him the number of my steps and approach him like a prince.
38 "If my land has cried out against me, and its furrows have wept ....
39 If I have eaten its produce without paying for it and made its owners breathe their last,
40 [then] let it grow thistles instead of wheat, and foul-smelling weeds instead of barley." This is the end of Job's words.
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