Leviticus 7

1 [The LORD continued,] "These are the instructions for the guilt offering. It is very holy.
2 It must be slaughtered in the same place where the burnt offering is slaughtered. [A priest] will throw the blood against the altar on all sides.
3 He will offer all the fat, the fat from the tail, the fat covering the internal organs,
4 and the two kidneys with the fat on them. He will also remove the lobe of the liver along with the kidneys.
5 The priest will burn them on the altar. It is a guilt offering by fire to the LORD.
6 Any male among the priests may eat it. It will be eaten in a holy place. It is very holy.
7 "The same instructions apply to the offering for sin and the guilt offering. Both offerings belong to the priest to make peace with the LORD.
8 The skin of the burnt offering belongs to the priest who sacrifices it.
9 Every grain offering, whether baked in an oven or prepared in a skillet or a frying pan, belongs to the priest who offers it.
10 Every grain offering, whether mixed with olive oil or dry, will be shared equally by all of Aaron's sons.
11 "These are the instructions for the fellowship offering that you must bring to the LORD.
12 If you offer it as a thank offering, you must also bring rings of unleavened bread mixed with olive oil, wafers of unleavened bread brushed with olive oil, and loaves made from flour mixed well with olive oil.
13 In addition to these rings of bread, you must bring bread with yeast along with your fellowship offering of thanksgiving.
14 From every offering you must bring one loaf to the LORD as a [special] contribution. It will belong to the priest who throws the blood of the fellowship offering.
15 "The meat from your fellowship offering of thanksgiving must be eaten on the day it is offered. Never leave any of it until morning.
16 "If your sacrificial offering is something you vowed or a freewill offering, it must be eaten the day you offer it or the next day.
17 However, on the third day any meat left over from the sacrifice must be burned.
18 You will not be accepted if any meat from the fellowship offering is eaten on the third day. You will not receive credit for it. It is repulsive to God. The person who eats any of it must be punished.
19 "Meat that touches anything unclean must not be eaten. It must be burned. Anyone who is clean may eat from these sacrifices.
20 Those who eat meat from the LORD's fellowship offering while unclean must be excluded from the people.
21 Those who touch anything unclean, human or animal, or any other disgusting uncleanness and still eat the LORD's fellowship offering must be excluded from the people."
22 The LORD spoke to Moses,
23 "Tell the Israelites: Never eat any fat from bulls, sheep, or goats.
24 The fat from an animal that dies naturally or is killed by wild animals you may use for any other purpose, but you must never eat it.
25 Those who eat the fat from an animal which they sacrificed by fire to the LORD must be excluded from the people.
26 "Never eat the blood of any bird or animal no matter where you live.
27 Those who eat any blood must be excluded from the people."
28 The LORD spoke to Moses,
29 "Tell the Israelites: Anyone who offers the LORD a fellowship offering must bring a part of that sacrifice as a gift to the LORD.
30 Bring the sacrifices by fire made to the LORD yourself. Bring the fat with the breast. Take the breast and present it to the LORD.
31 "The priest will burn the fat on the altar. However, the breast will belong to Aaron and his sons.
32 You will also give the priest the right thigh as a contribution.
33 When any of Aaron's sons offer the blood and fat of the fellowship offering, the right thigh will belong to him as his share.
34 From the fellowship offerings of the Israelites, I have taken the breast that was presented [to me] and the thigh from the contribution offering. I have given them to the priest Aaron and his sons. This is a permanent law for generations to come.
35 "This is the share for Aaron and his sons from the sacrifices by fire made to the LORD. It was given to them on the day Moses ordained them to serve the LORD as priests.
36 The LORD commanded the Israelites to give it to them on the day he anointed them. This is a permanent law for generations to come."
37 These are the instructions for the burnt offering, the grain offering, the offering for sin, the guilt offering, the ordination offering, and the fellowship offering.
38 On Mount Sinai the LORD gave Moses commands about these offerings at the same time that he commanded the Israelites to bring their offerings to him in the Sinai Desert.
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