Numbers 11:6

6 But now we've lost our appetite! Everywhere we look there's nothing but manna!"

Numbers 11:6 Meaning and Commentary

Numbers 11:6

But now our soul is dried away
Meaning their bodies, which, for want of flesh food, they pretended had no moisture in them, or they were half starved, and in wasting and consuming circumstances:

[there is] nothing at all besides this manna [before] our eyes;
which in itself was a truth and matter of fact; they had nothing to look to, and live upon but the manna, and that was enough, and with which, no doubt, many of them were contented, and satisfied and thankful for it, though the greater part were not; and therefore this, though a truth, was foolishly and wickedly spoken, being said in disdain and contempt of the manna: so Christ, the heavenly manna, the antitype of this, of which (See Gill on Exodus 16:14); (See Gill on Exodus 16:15); (See Gill on Exodus 16:16); (See Gill on Exodus 16:17); (See Gill on Exodus 16:18); is indeed the only food that is set before us in the Gospel to feed and live upon; nor is there anything at all besides him, nor do true believers in him desire any other, but pray that evermore this bread may be given them; but carnal men and carnal professors slight the Gospel feast, of which Christ is the sum and substance; and at least would have something besides him, something along with him, something of their own in justification for him, or to give them a right unto him, or to trust in along with him; they cannot bear to have nothing at all but Christ; or that he, and he alone, should be exalted, and be all in all, as he is justification and salvation, and in the Gospel provision, in which nothing is set before us but him.

Numbers 11:6 In-Context

4 Some foreigners among the Israelites had a strong craving for [other kinds of] food. Even the Israelites started crying again and said, "If only we had meat to eat!
5 Remember all the free fish we ate in Egypt and the cucumbers, watermelons, leeks, onions, and garlic we had?
6 But now we've lost our appetite! Everywhere we look there's nothing but manna!"
7 (Manna was [small] like coriander seeds and looked like resin.
8 The people would go around and gather it, then grind it in a handmill or crush it in a mortar. They would cook it in a pot or make round loaves of bread out of it. It tasted like rich pastry made with olive oil.
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