Psalms 102:23

23 He has weakened my strength along the way. He has reduced [the number of] my days.

Psalms 102:23 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 102:23

He weakened my strength in the way
The psalmist here returns to his complaint of his afflictions, weakness, and frailty, which ended ( Psalms 102:11 ) , after which some hints are given of the latter day glory, which though he despaired of seeing, by reason of his frailty and mortality, yet comforts himself with the eternity and immutability of Christ, and that there would be a succession of the church, a seed of true believers, who would see and enjoy it: as for himself, he says that God (for he is that "He", and not the enemy, as some) had "weakened" his "strength in the way", by afflictions, as the word F5 signifies; which weakens the strength and vigour of the mind, and discourages and dispirits it, and enfeebles the body: many are the afflictions which the people of God meet with in the course of their life, in their way to heaven, which have such an effect upon them; through many tribulations they pass to enter the kingdom, as the Israelites in their way to Canaan, and Christ to glory: some think the psalmist represents the Jews in their return from the Babylonish captivity, meeting with difficulties and discouragements in the way; rather the church of God, in the expectation of the Messiah, who, because his coming was delayed, grew feeble in their faith and hope, had weak hands and feeble knees, which needed strengthening by fresh promises: though it may be, best of all, the people of God, waiting for latter day glory, enfeebled by the persecutions of antichrist, or grown weak in the exercises of their grace, faith, hope, and love; which will be their case before these glorious times, and now is, see ( Revelation 3:2 Revelation 3:8 ) ,

he shortened my days;
which he thought he should live, and expected he would; and which, according to the course of nature, and the common term of man's life, he might, in all human appearance, have lived; otherwise, with respect to the decree of God, which has fixed the bounds of man's days, they cannot be shorter or longer than they are, ( Job 14:5 ) .


F5 (hne) "afflixit", Pagninus, Montanus, Tigurine version, Musculus, Piscator, Gejerus, Schmidt; so Ainsworth.

Psalms 102:23 In-Context

21 The LORD's name is announced in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem
22 when nations and kingdoms gather to worship the LORD."
23 He has weakened my strength along the way. He has reduced [the number of] my days.
24 I said, "My God, don't take me now in the middle of my life. Your years [continue on] throughout every generation.
25 Long ago you laid the foundation of the earth. Even the heavens are the works of your hands.
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