1 Chronicles 18

1 After this it happened, that David struck the Pelishtim, and subdued them, and took Gat and its towns out of the hand of the Pelishtim.
2 He struck Mo'av; and the Mo`avim became servants to David, and brought tribute.
3 David struck Hadad`ezer king of Tzovah to Hamat, as he went to establish his dominion by the river Perat.
4 David took from him one thousand chariots, and seven thousand horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen; and David hamstrung all the chariot horses, but reserved of them for one hundred chariots.
5 When the Aram of Dammesek came to help Hadad`ezer king of Tzovah, David struck of the Aram twenty-two thousand men.
6 Then David put [garrisons] in Aram of Dammesek; and the Aram became servants to David, and brought tribute. The LORD gave victory to David wherever he went.
7 David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadad`ezer, and brought them to Yerushalayim.
8 From Tivchat and from Cun, cities of Hadad`ezer, David took very much brass, with which Shlomo made the brazen sea, and the pillars, and the vessels of brass.
9 When To`u king of Hamat heard that David had struck all the host of Hadad`ezer king of Tzovah,
10 he sent Hadoram his son to king David, to Greet him, and to bless him, because he had fought against Hadad`ezer and struck him; (for Hadad`ezer had wars with To`u;) and [he had with him] all manner of vessels of gold and silver and brass.
11 These also did king David dedicate to the LORD, with the silver and the gold that he carried away from all the nations; from Edom, and from Mo'av, and from the children of `Ammon, and from the Pelishtim, and from `Amalek.
12 Moreover Avishai the son of Tzeru'yah struck of the Edom in the Valley of Salt eighteen thousand.
13 He put garrisons in Edom; and all the Edom became servants to David. The LORD gave victory to David wherever he went.
14 David reigned over all Yisra'el; and he executed justice and righteousness to all his people.
15 Yo'av the son of Tzeru'yah was over the host; and Yehoshafat the son of Achilud was recorder;
16 and Tzadok the son of Achituv, and Avimelekh the son of Avyatar, were Kohanim; and Shavsha was Sofer;
17 and Benayah the son of Yehoiada was over the Kereti and the Peleti; and the sons of David were chief about the king.